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Bluetooth App - It cannot connect to my Bluetooth device!

Turn Off Bluetooth on your phone and turn Bluetooth back on.

Bluetooth App - What is the default password?

The default password is SLB_007. Once you change it, write it down and then you can use your new password going forward.

Bluetooth App - Can I run two Bluetooth devices at once?

Yes! We use Bluetooth 4.0, which allows you to control two devices at once.

Bluetooth App - How do I go back when I'm in ||Off-Road Mode||?

Hit the Star Light Bars logo at the top of the screen to get back to the home screen in the app.

How many amps does it draw?

It draws 1 amp.

Do I need to upgrade the my accessory fuse?

No, your stock fuse is adequate.

What is the overall length of the unit for mounting?

See individual product information in the store for details.

Does it come with mounting brackets?

Yes, we do provide mounting brackets and hardware.

How does the unit turn OFF and ON?

The unit is powered by your UTV’s key. If the key is turned ON, the unit will power up, and once you turn the OFF, the light will stay illuminated for 30 seconds.

Do you have a GX Series Z-Harness Video Installation Demo?

Yes! Here is the GX Series Z-Harness Video Installation Demo:

Do you have a Y-Harness Wiring Video Installation Demo?

Yes! Here is the Y-Harness Wiring Video Installation Demo: